The  Specimen and The Old Match Pool

The Specimen Pool

At 7.5 acres, the Specimen Pool has 14 well spaced pegs which are all on one bank (see map), and much of the far bank is protected by tree cover and snags.

 All the pegs are clearly marked and purpose built, and finished with bark and chip. The fish stocks in the Specimen Pool are mainly common and mirror Carp with weights into the late 20s, we have yet to break the illusive 30lb barrier but hope to this season.

Over the winter of 2007/08 we have removed many of the bream and silverfish to give the carp more nutrients and food to grow on, and the result has been more consistent catches and bigger fish!

The average carp is between 15 and 20lb, we do have some very interesting Koi and Ghosts which are in the same weight bracket.

We also have many Pike which are reported in the 20's, as well as Tench, Roach and Crucians. If you are interested in becoming a member at Winterley, for £20 per year, you have the ability to book your peg in advance.


 The Old Match Pool

While we call it The Old Match Pool, really this is now a pure Specimen Pool since we removed many of the bream and silverfish over the winter of 2007/08. There are abundant Carp, both commons and mirrors, and also many Ghosts and Koi hybrids, the weights are into the early 20s with many fish in the late teens.

There are also a good selection of Tench for which we have a record weight of 10lb 5oz. There are also plenty of Crucians, Roach and many Pike.